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The main objective of the College, according to the decree that established it, is to provide full time and part-time courses of instruction and training in Technology, Commerce and Management. Also, the College provides training in other fields such as applied learning, relevant to the development of Nigeria especially in areas of Industry, Agricultural production and distribution, Research and adaptation of techniques.

In pursuit of these objectives, the College has continued to develop structurally, humanly and materially. Today, Yaba College of Technology is made up of nine (9) academic units called Schools, headed by Deans, and thirty-four Departments headed by Heads of Departments.


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Accountancy and Finance                                           AVAILABLE PGD COURSES
Architecture                                                            Quantity Surveying 
                                                                            Industrial Design with Option in Textile, Ceramics & Graphics
Biological Science                                                    Bio-chemistry
Building Technology                                                 Computer Science
Business Administration and Management                  Micro-Biology
                                                                             Physics with Option in Electronics
Chemical Science                                                     Statistics
Civil Engineering                                                      Food Science Technology
Computer Technology                                               Estate Management
                                                                             Urban and Regional Planning
Electrical Electronics Engineering                                 Architecture
Estate Management                                                     
                                                                                AVAILABLE TTTP COURSES
Fine Art                                                                     Business Education
Food Technology                                                        Industrial Technical Education 
                                                                                Art Education
General Studies                                                          Science Education
Graphic Design                                                                  Physics Education     
                                                                                       Chemistry Education
Hotel and Catering Management                                          Biology Education
                                                                                        Mathematics Education
Industrial Design                                                               Computer Education
Industrial Maintenance Engineering                                      Statistics Education
                                                                                       Integrated Science Education
Land Surveying                                                                  Home Economics Education
Mass Communication
Mathematics and Statistics
Mechanical Engineering
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