1.   Yaba College of Technology Conference and Research Fair, 2012:

“Fast-Tracking the attainment of Vision 20-2020 through Techno-Entrepreneurship” To Register For This Conference Click This Link And Read More

2.   Environmental Research Group, Yabatech, Lagos.

2nd Biennial International Conference & Exhibitions

Theme: Global Climate Change, Pollution and Food Security: Implication for Africa. click to read more

 Centre for Applied Research and Technology Innovation (ARTI)

Theme: Training of Trainer’ (TOT)

1. Practical Data Presentation and Analysis Using Computer click to read

2. Design Models & Sampling Techniques  click to read

3. Project   Monitoring   and Evaluation  click to read

4. Development of Appropriate Methodology  click to read

5. Problem Identification and Formulation of Research Questions and Objectives click to read



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