09 November 2011





Yaba College of Technology stole the show at the fashion parade in which our three garments made out of used materials (Garri Sack known as jute bag and pure water sachets with bottle covers used as buttons ) were beautifully modeled on the runway.


Garments were designed and made by three hundred level students of Industrial Design (Fashion Section).


About Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network.


The Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network (GWIIN) founded by Mrs Bola Olabisi has over the years changed the lives of many creative inventive and innovative people all over the world.


The network seeks to achieve the following


1.     Foster  innovative women entrepreneurs

2.     Develop and nurture a culture of innovative and inventive thinking.

3.     Create an environment in which women can be supported  to grow and prosper in a competitive market

4.     Establish effective networks both on a continental and global level


Yaba College of Technology has been involved largely in promoting the objective of GWIIN since 2002; it has participated greatly in the various awards and events organised by the network in Abuja, Ghana, South Africa, Singapore, United Kingdom, Germany and Iceland .The College continuous support has earned one of its staff Mrs Anene Ibisi to be appointed a member of the panel of judges at the annual awards held in various countries yearly.


The college in collaboration with GWIIN recognises the importance of a sustainable environment and as a result participated in the GWIIN Eco Friendly Show 2011 to promote and highlight eco friendly innovative and trendy designs to raise awareness for social change and respect for the environment. Eco-friendly garments made out of jute bag, pure water sachets and bottle top covers created by four Industrial Design Department students of the college supervised by Mrs Anene Ibisi were modelled in Reyjavik,Iceland in September 2011.


The college has also received special recognition from GWIIN. In 2008 Mrs Anene Ibisi received an award for her excellent and dedicated service as a member of the panel of judges and in 2009 the college received an award for providing exceptional full time and part courses of instruction and training in technology, commerce, management and in other fields of applied learning for both men and women and for its continuous support and collaboration with the network.


Designers; Maxwell Ozolua, Victor Bassey, Blessing Ogbuefi and James Olowoyo

Coordinated and supervised by Mrs. Anene Ibisi

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