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Commencement of 1st semester Examinations

23rd May,2015


End of 1st semester Examinations

14th June,2015


Commencement of Marking of Scripts

15th June,2015


Submission of 1st semester results

29th June,2015


Commencement of 2nd semester Registration weekday programme

6th-10th July,2015


Commencement of 2nd semester Registration weekend programme

11th-12th July,2015


Commencement of Lectures weekday programme

13th July,2015


2014/2015 Matriculation Ceremony

15th July,2015


Commencement of lectures weekend programme

18th July,2015


Compilation and processing of results

27th July,2015


Consideration of 1st semester result by school board

29th July,2015


Consideration of 1st semester results by Academic Board

4th-5th August,2015


End of Lectures weekday Programme

16th October,2015


End of Lectures weekend programme

18th October,2015


Submission of2nd semester Attendance/continuous Assessment Scores

12th-18th October,2015


2nd semester Revision weekday programme

19th-23rd October,2015


2nd semester Revision weekend Programme

24th-25th October,2015


Lecture Period



2nd Semester Examination

31st Oct-22nd November,2015


Commencement of Marking

23rd November,2015


Submission of Results

7th December,2015


Compilation and processing of Results

8th January,2016


Consideration of 2nd semester Results by School board

13th January,2016


Commencement of 2015/2016 academic session-weekday(New student)

11th January,2016


Consideration of 2nd semester Results by Academic Board

19th-20th January,2016


Commencement of 2015/2016 Academic session-weekend(New students)

16th January,2016


Resumption date for returning students-Weekday programme

25th January,2016


Resumption Date for Returning students€“weekend programme

30th January,2016


Upcoming Events

Oct 29
Yaba Convocation Ceremnony

Yabatech Sports Complex. 28th - 29th October 2015