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12 April 2012





As a follow-up to the Presidential directive, the Honourable Minister of Education, Professor (Mrs.) Ruqayyatu Ahmed Rufa’i OON constituted Visitation Panels to all the Federal Polytechnics and Colleges of Education including the Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos.


2.         Sequel to the above, and the commencement of work by the panel, I write to request for written memoranda from Members of this College Community especially the Principal Officers, Deans, heads of Department and Units, Committees, Unions, Associations etc.

 Your memoranda should cover the period of 2005– 2011.



i.              Determine the relationship between the Institution and various statutory bodies it interacts with according to its law for purposes of supervision, planning, finance, discipline, guidance etc;

ii.            Look into the leadership quality of the Institution in terms of the roles of Governing Council, the Head of Institution and other Principal officers;

iii.           Look into the Financial Management of the Institution over the recommended period and determine whether it was in compliance with appropriate regulations;

iv.           Investigate the application of funds, particularly the special grants and loans meant for specific projects in order to determine the status of such projects and their relevance for further funding;

v.            Examine the Law establishing the Institution and see in what ways the law has been observed in all ramification particularly with regards to discipline by the Polytechnic/College authorities, staff and students and also suggest any necessary modification to the law in order to enable the institution achieve its objectives better;

vi.           Study the general atmosphere of the institution over the period in question. In particular, comment on the general conduct and comportment of all the personnel of the institution, especially the students, staff and managers, and advise as to whether the correct training is being given or otherwise may be made. This should include the relationship between the institution and the host community over the period in question;

vii.          Examine all the academic programmes, policies and practices as well as the total academic and physical development, performance and direction of the Institution and advise as to whether the desired targets have been met and how modifications may be made to achieve maximum academic productivity, excellence and service to the nation;

viii.        Study in detail the Management structure and performance of the Institution including fiscal and administrative personnel and welfare policies, and advise on ways to cut cost, reduce waste and continue to develop, if necessary by adaptation, rather than expansion in the face of attenuated resources; and

ix.           Advise on any and all other aspects of the Institution that you consider should be of interest to both the Visitor and the public, and to the attainment of the objectives for which the Institution was set up.


4.   The Memoranda should address any or all the items listed in the terms of reference. The Panel will very much appreciate if ten hard copies of your memoranda (and soft copy) typed and signed reach the Secretary of the Panel at the College Syndicate room not later than Thursday, April 19th, 2012. Soft copies of the memoranda can also be sent to vpyct2012@yahoo.com


5.   All respondents are assured that every submission will be treated with absolute confidentiality.


6.   Thanking you in advance, in anticipation of your kind cooperation.





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