Vision and Mission



Our vision is to be the leading higher educational institution in Nigeria by providing first-rate academic, professional and entrepreneurial education to our students, who are empowered to make a positive impact in the technological and socio-economic development of the country.


Our mission is to produce knowledgeable and innovative graduates, worthy in skill and character, through effective teaching, learning and research for the technological advancement of Nigeria.

Core Values

  • Respect for freedom to associate with any person or group that is recognized by constituted authority.
  • Regard for Discipline, Loyalty, Honesty, Integrity, Courage and generally acceptable ethical behavior
  • Regard for lives and property
  • Respect and compassion for the handicapped
  • Proper attitude to work and prudent use of official time, office equipment and facilities
  • Willingness and respect for the team and team decisions
  • Recognition of the prime/pivotal place of students and other stakeholders
  • Pride in the name, reputation, achievements of staff and age of the College.