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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the School of Technology of our great institution, Yaba College of Technology [popularly called Yaba Tech]; Yaba the Great; the first is still the best; citadel of learning; the cradle of higher education in Nigeria.

The School of Technology is a PACE SETTER school in the College; we lead and others follow.

The Vision of the School of Technology is:

To be an exceptional school for the delivery of Qualitative and Quantitative manpower for scientific and Technological resources in the country”.

The Mission of the School of Technology is:

To produce highly skilled and innovative graduates through effective teaching, learning and research for the technological advancement of Nigeria.”

The School of Technology, one of the nine schools in Yaba Tech, was carved out of the old School of Applied Science in the year 1998. The school comprises seven departments namely:

  1. Department of Agricultural Technology

  2. Department of Computer Technology

  3. Department of Food Technology

  4. Department of Hospitality Management

  5. Department of Leisure & Tourism Management

  6. Department of Nutrition & Dietetics

  7. Department of Polymer & Textile Technology

Over the years, the School has maintained high standards, which have resulted in the recognition accorded some of our HND graduates for direct admission to Masters Programmes in reputable Universities both in Nigeria and abroad. It has also led to recognition and honour of Yaba Tech as a Gold awardee in Best Educational Institution of the year award in the West African sub-region in Tourism and Hospitality. It is heartwarming to note that all the programmes run in the school are NBTE-accredited. We constantly develop our courses curricula with advice from the academia, business and industry to ensure currency and relevance to today's employers. We have also embraced the Commonwealth of Learning system of Flexible Skills Development, and Flexible Blended Teaching/Learning process aimed at improving globalization in education. This is attributable to the dint of diligence exhibited by the high flying academic and non-academic staff of the School, coupled with the excellent curricular and well-equipped laboratories and workshops.

In addition, the school affords students the opportunity to develop professionally by encouraging participation in activities of professional associations and registering them for same. There are also great opportunities for character building as well as moral and social development. Students are enjoined to embrace social interaction BUT shun such vices as examination misconduct and membership of secret cults or any of such evil vices. In the School of Technology, we are committed to excellence in teaching and providing the very best learning environments for our students. This means that our students learn from scholars who are well acknowledged experts in their respective fields from various departments in the school. Obviously, students will develop skills and gain experience that will be fundamental to their future career in life. In the School of Technology, we recognize and reward excellent performance by the best students on graduation. The best student from each department of the school are rewarded as well as over-all best student in the school. We have been in the forefront of academic brilliance, producing the best overall students in the College at both ND and HND levels. This feat was achieved through dint of hard work and commitment of our first rated academic staff who have continued to develop and acquire higher qualifications over the years. The College has indeed invested in the development of her human capital and the School has benefitted immensely from this. The School today has over 21 Ph.D holders and 65 Master Degree holders, 08 B.Sc/B.Tech holders and 30 HND holders in her over 130 strong academic staff led by 25 Chief Lecturers, driving the academic vehicle of the School.

In the past years, our School has produced eminent personalities of whom are two-term Rectors of the College in the persons of Dr. Olubunmi Owoso (2001 – 2009) from the Department of Food Technology and Dr. (Mrs.) M. K. Ladipo (2009 – 2017) from the Department of Polymer and Textile Technology. The School also produced three Deputy Rectors in the persons of Alhaja M. A. Bello, Dr. Olubunmi Owoso (before he became Rector) and Mr. I. A. Akhuemonkan. These erudite scholars steered the ship of Yaba College of Technology between 1998 and 2017. It is also worthy of note that one of our Chief Lecturers, Dr. I. Oyeyinka is a two-term Rector of Gateway ICT Polytechnic, Sapade, Ogun State.

The School of Technology believes that if you feel good and relax, you will function very well and perform better in your academics. We take advantage of sport facilities provided by the College and encourage our students to participate in one sport or the other in order to exercise the body and mind for good health. These activities will help students reduce stress, build resistance and find balance in their daily lives. Hence, we have “School Week” for social interaction among the students in the school. There is also the Dean's-Cup football tournament, a competition that involves all the departments in the school. These are perfect opportunities to form lasting friendships and develop a fit and healthy body. To our esteemed parents, it is very important to us in the School of Technology that when your child or ward arrives in the school, they feel welcome and settle down easily into their new environment either in Yaba Campus or Epe Campus. We run a number of events through our induction orientation and welcome programmes to give our new students the best possible start to living. The school desires that parents/guardians play their roles by synergizing with the school to effectively monitor their wards for academic success devoid of social vices.

Once again, I welcome you to the School of Technology, the pace-setter school in Yaba Tech.

Dr. OKOLIE, Nwabueze Peter,



The School of Technology run the following Twenty-three (23) programmes (Full-Time and Part-Time) among the various department in the School:

  1. ND Agricultural Technology (Full Time)

  2. ND Agricultural Technology (Part Time)

  3. HND Agricultural Extension and Management (Full Time)

  4. HND Animal Production Technology (Full Time)

  5. HND Crop Production Technology (Full Time)

  6. ND Computer Science (Full Time)

  7. ND Computer Science (Part Time)

  8. HND Computer Science (Full Time)

  9. HND Computer Science (Part Time)

  10. ND Food Technology (Full Time)

  11. ND Food Technology (Part Time)

  12. HND Food Technology (Full Time)

  13. HND Food Technology (Part Time)

  14. ND Nutrition and Dietetics (Full Time)

  15. ND Hospitality Management (Full Time)

  16. ND Hospitality Management (Part Time)

  17. HND Hospitality Management (Full Time)

  18. HND Hospitality Management (Part Time)

  19. ND Leisure and Tourism Management (Full Time)

  20. HND Tourism Management (Full Time)

  21. ND Polymer Technology (Full Time)

  22. ND Textile Technology (Full Time)

  23. HND Textile Technology (Full Time)