Centre for Applied Research and Technology Innovation

 Centre for Applied Research and Technology Innovation

Centre for Applied Research and Technology Innovation

  • Updated : Oct 24, 2020 12:37 pm

The Applied Research and Technology Innovation (ARTI) is an academic unit under rectory which was established in 2006 to re-engineer the research culture of academics in the college and to facilitate research findings, inventions and innovations that add value to society by collaborating with industries especially micro, small and medium enterprises, educational/research institutions and other relevant stakeholders. and in compliance with intellectual property rights.


Brief  History  of ARTI

Between 2007 and 2019, ARTI has been headed by the following four directors, pioneer director, Dr.(Mrs.) N. I. Azike, Dr. A. A. Abiodun, Dr. A. I. Okewole,and  to the current Director, Dr. O. E. Akinsola.

ARTI was set up to achieve the following objectives amongst others to:

  1. promote and facilitate the performance of industry-oriented Research and Development activities in the college.

  2. orientate students and staff project towards science and technology – based goods and services.

  3. promote linkages with relevant private sector organizations, particularly micro small and medium enterprises, for the exploitation and use of Research and Development outputs.

  4. establish and promote linkages with other relevant educational, training and research institutions on R & D activities.

  5. liaise with the center for Entrepreneurship Development and Yaba-Tech. Consult in the development and marketing of innovative products and services.


ARTI unit has been a key resource to powering Research & Development in the College, through a number of its programmes and activities .It has two (2) departments which were approved for the centre and these are;

(i) Research and Development (R&D) headed by an assistant Director Dr.(Mrs.) Adebukola Oni (ii)Intellectual Property (IP)/Commercialization headed by head of Unit, Engr. Sodiq Kazeem Adetunji .

ARTI as the Research Management Office (RMO) of Yaba College of Technology is headed by the Director. Other staff members include  

1. Deployed Academic staff who doubled as Research officers

3. General office staff. 




  1. Research & Development Department

Yaba College of Technology in the strategic planning of research and its management is one of the responsibilities of ARTI.  The R & D department sets out the key performance indicators for development of research. It highlights the structures and resources that are required to put in place by the College in order for it to achieve its set objectives.

The department of Research and Development, has the mandate for coordinating research activities across schools and facilitating the implementation of the college research agenda and policy. It serves as the college link to the external world in terms of research and innovation.  The department has Research officers who sought to achieve its mandate by serving the following functions;

  1. Organize training workshops/exhibitions for researchers and students in the areas of Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation management, proposal writing and conducting research

  2. Promotes and manages innovation activities in the college within ARTI priority areas.

  3. Conducts research in the area of Science, Technology, Management and Education. 

YCT operates research oriented Memorandum of understanding (MOU) and collaboration with Industries, Research Institutes and other tertiary institutions locally and international. This provides opportunity for joint research work, staff exchange, as well as staff/students training.

  • Private Networks Nigeria Limited(PNN)

  • Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile ife Nigeria

  • Shongai Centre OUANDO, Port – Novo Republic of Benin

  • University of Central Lancashire (UCAN) United Kingdom

  • National office for Technology Acquisition and promotion (NOTAP)

  • Federal Institute of industrial Research (FIRRO)

  • National space Research & Development Agency(NASRDA)

  • University of  kwazulu Natal, South Africa

  • National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA)

  • Bank of Industry (BOI)

  • Nigerian Air Force


  1. Intellectual Property (IP)/Commercialization and Linkage Department

The Intellectual Property (IP)/Commercialization department of ARTI assist academic staff and students in translating their innovative research outputs into products, processes and services for public use.  This is achieved by licensing such innovative research outcomes to outside organizations to further develop and market the products and services.  

The IP/Commercialization department further aimed to be the first point of contact for outside organizations and individuals seeking skills, inventions, creative works and other resources of the College research community for commercial and other public purpose.  When a college researcher discloses an invention, the department seeks intellectual property protection (copyrights and patents etc.) for the research and/or creative work and then endeavors to identify commercial partners to negotiate a license and option agreements for continued development.  On achieving successful commercialization, the net profits are shared as in the IP policy.  

The department host amongst other functions, the Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Office (IPTTO) of the college which was established and commissioned in 2009 by National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP). Partnership, Linkages and Research collaborations.


Some of the activities of the IPTTO offices are:

    Training of academic staff on IP.

    Continuous IP awareness for staff and students of the college

    Regular encouragement of academic staff and students for conducting high quality, collaborative and market-driven research targeted towards IP generation and commercialization.

    Guiding staff on filling of patent application form and facilitating patenting of inventions.