Centre For Information Technology and Management

 Centre For Information Technology and Management

Centre For Information Technology and Management

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The Centre for Information Technology and Management (CITM) is a unit under the Rectory, which provides important services such as: deployment and management of Intranet and Internet connection of computers and ICT devices, supporting delivery of Information Technology processing, development and implementation of software applications, management of hardware infrastructures, webometric data management and adding credibility to all information generated in the College for management decision making. 

Background of CITM Unit

Centre for Information Technology and Management (CITM) was formerly called Management Information System (MIS) unit and was established in 1987. The unit was formerly designed for capturing, storing and processing Information for Management’s use. 

The first Director of MIS was Mr. S. O. Oni. He served the unit between 1987 and 1995 and developed a result processing package. Mrs. I.A. Odusote was the second Director of the unit who served between 1995 and 1999. She introduced a result processing package called GPA MASTER. Shortly when her tenure expired, Mrs. Erigha who was one of the senior programmers in the unit acted as the Acting Director between 1999 and 2001. During her tenure, a result processing software called SGS (Student grading System) was developed.

Dr. A.O. Itegboje came on board between 2002 and 2009 as the Director of MIS. Her tenure improved on the SGS and introduced the first ever student portal powered by Socket works, installation of Local Area Network across the College on a Fibre optics backbone and introduction of Intranet and Internet access services. Dr. I. K. Oyeyinka acted as Acting Director of MIS between 2006 and 2007 while Dr. Mrs. A.O. Itegboje was away on sabbatical leave. 

In 2010 - 2014, Dr. I.K. Oyeyinka came back as the Director of the MIS unit. During his tenure the College management requested the unit to produce a blue print for the reengineering of the operation of the unit. The blue print that was approved by the Management resulted in the change of the unit from Management Information System to Centre for Information Technology and Management (CITM). During this period, the home-grown student portal was developed by CITM.

The reengineering heralded the expansion of the operations into three component Departments namely: Hardware, Software and Training, YabaNet and Information Processing. There were notable developments such as staff portal, online result processing, college backbone and LAN, alumni portal, online payment system and upgrading the college bandwidth from 2mbps to 60mbps. 

Also, at this time there was rapid diffusion of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in all College activities. Dr. A. O. Ayannnuga was appointed the Director between January 2014 and June 2016, thereafter which Dr V. A. Haastrup was appointed Director of CITM between August 2016 and August 2018. In September 2019, Mr. Aigbokhan Edwin Enaholo was appointed as the Acting Director and he served for five months. More also, Dr. Olusola Olurotimi Oyebola served as Director CITM and he served between February 6, 2019 and January 7, 2020. He proposed Yaba College of Technology Digital Centre to help student with their ICT needs with a minimal cost and to also stop the activities of tout who disguised themselves with the impression of helping the student with their school fees and often escaped with their money. During the 2020-2021 period, the Director was Dr. Adigun Johnson Oyeranmi. and Mr. Aigbokhan Edwin Enaholo was the Deputy Director. The Yaba College of Technology Digital Centre was approved and became operational during the tenure of Dr. Adigun Johnson Oyeranmi. Over the years, the Software Section developed several applications services, which are currently being managed and improved by the Director and his team. Notable among these applications are Student portal (also host exam docket printing facility, secured with random key and QR code ), E-screening and new applicant portal (also houses admission letter printing application), Unified payment portal, Matric number generation as a service, Electronic resource planner i.e. ERP (hub for all backend applications ranging from result uploading, registration setup, admission processing and applicant list preparation), Students’ support windows application for backend users, Centralize result processing application, Hostel allocation and balloting system, QR code, biometric and matric number-based access control application, Secured endpoint for use with third party application and Moodle LMS for CBT. Yabatech website was ranked first among the Nigerian Polytechnics. 

The current Acting Director is Mrs. Folakemi Koyenikan.








Mr. S. O. Oni




Mrs. Odusote I. A




Mrs. Erigha




Itegboje I. A. PhD




Oyeyinka I. K. PhD




Ayannuga, O. O. PhD




Haastrup, A. V.  PhD




Aigbokhan E, E,




Oyebola O. O. PhD




Adigun Johnson O, PhD




Mrs. Folakemi Koyenikan


till date



The roles and functions of the Director are:

  1. Manage the deployment. Monitoring, maintenance, development, upgrade, and support of all ICT systems, including servers, personal computers, operating systems, telephones, software applications, and peripherals.

  2. Set overall Information Technology security standards and maintain high level layers of IT security.

  3. Oversee systems development and enhancement and the integration of new systems within existing systems.

  4. Work with advocacy staff to develop strategies and plans to enhance client services, improve user effectiveness, and foster innovation.

  5. Communicate regularly with executive management and all users of information services and systems.

  6. Training and development of ICT staff.

  7. Oversee provision of end-user services, including help desk and technical support services.

  8. Develop and implement all ICT policies and procedures, including those for architecture, security, disaster recovery, standards, purchasing, and service provision.

  9. Manage servers, security solutions, network hardware and equipment.

  10. Provide expert advice on vendor, outsourcer, and consultant contracts and services agreements.

  11. Support YABATECH’s overall mission and follow all standards, policies, procedures, and confidentiality guidelines. 

  12. Effective management of the College Website and email system

  13. Perform any other duties assigned by the Rector.


Services Rendered by the Unit are:

  1. Network Infrastructure procurement, design, development and deployment.

  2. Upgrading and Management of the College portal.

  3. Managing the College IT Resources.

  4. Maintenance and repairs of computer System.

  5. Software Development

  6. Managing the college Local Area Network, Intranet and Internet Access.

  7. Giving Technical Advice on Computer related acquisition.

  8. Giving IT training to the staff of the college.



The operations of the Unit are structured into six departments/sections managed by the Heads of Section (HOS). The operational sections in the Unit are:

  1. Information Processing 

  2. Hardware and Maintenance  

  3. Yaba Network and Services

  4. Webometrics

  5. Software Development and Training.

  6. Digital Centre


Duties of each Department

  1. Information Processing Department

    1. Staff Information Database Management

    2. NBTE Data Request

    3. STEP-B Data Request

    4. Student Result Processing for all Schools

    5. Student Information Database Management

    6. Handling Student complaints

    7. Report Generation for Management and other Government organization 

    Decisions making: such as NBTE, Ministry of Education, State Government and

    so on.

  1. Hardware and Maintenance Department

  1. Maintenance, Installation and Repairs of all computing equipment of the College

  2. Maintenance of ICT related equipment e.g., inverter systems, projector, flips etc.

  3. Manage the deployment of ICT devices to the College


  1. Yaba Network Services Department

  1. Providing Internet Services to the College Community.

  2. Maintenance of College Network and Equipment.

  3. Attending to network faults and users’ request.

  4. Deployment and management of College’s Local Area Network(LAN) for Intranet and Internet access.

  5. Deployment and management of Fibre Optic Network of the College


(d) Digital Centre Department

The online services offer includes

  1. Online Application forms

  2. Printing old school feel receipt

  3. Registration and Printing of course form

  4. Generating Remita

  5. Internet Browsing

  6. Acceptance Payment

  7. Uploading of Document

  8. Printing Examination Dockets

  9. Application for Hostel

  10. Typing and Printing Document

  11. Online Payment

  12. Online correction

  13. Printing of Jamb Admission Letter

  1. Software Development Department

The services offer includes

  1. Development and maintenance of in-house software for college administration (student Portal, e-screening portal, payment portal, the ERP and result processing software) 

  2. Software System Troubleshooting. 

  3. Routine Management of In-house application software

  4. Helpdesk administration for various challenging IT related cases.

  5. Identifying training needs of the College.

  6. Organizing training for staff.

  7. Developing business rules for automating College processes

  8. Identifying the programming needs of the college.



  1. Webometrics Department

The services offer includes

  1. Development and Maintenance of Yabatech Website

  2. Maintenance of the College official social network accounts

  3. Web development of School Subdomains, Service and Academic units

  4. Information Security

  5. Search Engine Optimizations

  6. Mobile App development for Publicity Unit (Labtech News)

  7. Staff ID card portal and Staff Profile

  8. Creation of backend application to enable easy modification of the website, 

  9. Record update for schools, departments, service units and academic units.