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The department was formed in 2005 from the Mechanical Engineering department by Engr. Fakolujo, S.O. and Engr. Molokwu, M.I. who happen to be lecturers in that department. In Mechanical Engineering, we had a Committee on Metallurgical Engineering who handled all Metallurgical Engineering courses and practical taken by mechanical engineering department. In 2006, the department was officially created but was still under mechanical engineering department.

In 2008 the NBTE officially approved the running of the National Diploma programme and in 2010, the department was accredited by NBTE (National Board of Technical Education). By 2010, the department graduated 4 sets of ND students. In 2010, the department was given an autonomy as a department and we had four staff; Engr. Fakolujo, S.O, Engr. Molokwu, M.I, Mr. Ariyo, R. and Mr. Okoye. Engr. Fakolujo, S.O. was the Head of Department.

During this period, the department had only the Foundry workshop,

1 heat treatment furnace, 1 (one) forging machine,

2 (two) pit furnaces, but the same year the School (Yaba Tech) through the ETF gave us a turn around that made the department one of the most equipped department in al polytechnics running this programme in Nigeria. The ETF procured modern equipment with digital options, i.e 1. 600KN 2. 100KN Tensile testing equipment

3. Ultrasonic Testing (Nondestructive tester)

4. Heat treat machine

5. Induction Furnace

6. Moulding machine

7. Digital Brinell Hardness Testing machine

8. Metallurgical Microscope with computer and a monitor

9. Crucibles

10. Digital spectrometer

11. Foundry equipment, kits and accessories

12. Sand mixing machine

13. Sample mounting press for Metallography

14. Sand Tester

15. Sets of grinding and polishing machines

16. Sample grinding machine

17. Synthetic sand ? for moulding

18. A new 50KVA standby generator for our practical The ETF also commenced the building of a 2-storey building known as the ?Foundry Building?.

This building is 85% completed and has (3) three workshops, the metallographic lab, the materials testing lab and the Foundry workshop. We are planning to have 2 more laboratories: Mineralogy and Strength of materials laboratories. We have (2) two main classrooms and (8) eight offices for the staff. STUDENTS Presently for this academic session, 2014/2015, we have a total of 130 students for both ND 1 and ND II.

We have commenced ND Part-Time programme this year 2015 . The department has been given approval to commence the HND programme this year, 2015.And our HND I students are in their second semester. With the present trend to transform to university, the department will be ready to also run B.Sc. Metallurgical and Material Engineering). This year the department is planning to liaise with a foreign institution to run a special part time programme on Advanced Material Investigation Engineering for the Military, Police, Traffic officers (LASTMA) Special agencies, Standard organizations, etc.