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College of Technology, is not “merely about getting an education, but about being part of a vibrant and diverse community. …As you embark on this exciting journey, remember that you are not alone,” the Rector, Dr. Engr. Abdul Adedotun Ibraheem, declared at the matriculation of newly admitted students.

”To fulfill the assurance, the Rector said there were dedicated staff and renowned experts in their fields, eager to impart knowledge and engage in thought[1]provoking discussions. He therefore called on the students to take advantage of their wisdom by seeking their counsel and embracing the power of collaboration and mentorship,”

The Rector declared that within the walls of the College students would find a wealth of resources, opportunities, and people who would inspire and challenge them. “It is through these experiences that you will discover your passions, form lifelong friendships and truly find yourselves,” he affirmed.

Engr Abdul challenged the students to make the most of the invaluable opportunities that abound in the College. He asked them to take risks, explore different fields of study, and be curious. However, to write the success story of their stay in the College, he cautioned that they must monitor and control their behaviour even as the auspicious time to broaden their horizons and discover their passions is now.

The Rector asked the students to embrace all positive aspects of campus life by joining clubs and organizations that are acceptable to them, participating in extracurricular activities and engaging with fellow students. He opined that experiences from those activities would not only foster life[1]long friendships but also provide them with crucial life skills that include leadership, teamwork and time management.

 He further admonished that student should endeavour to reach out to their lecturers whenever they need guidance or are faced with difficulties. He charged them to have good allies in their classmates and cultivate the culture of collaboration as it is key to their growth and development.

He charged the students to recognize the fact that they all came from different backgrounds and as such, they must tolerate one another. On no account, he said, should any student or group of students take the law into their hands. He reminded them that there are laid down procedures and proper channels of communication to take care of their grievances. Lastly, he advised them to refrain from acts that may tarnish your image, the image of their family, and that of the College. “Students who violate the rules the College,” he said, “would be penalized as stipulated by the law”.