Tunde Fanimokun Donates N3.5bn Centre For Entrepreneurship In Honour Of Wahab Folawiyo To Yabatech

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Tunde Fanimokun Donates N3.5bn Centre For Entrepreneurship In Honour Of Wahab Folawiyo To Yabatech

A whooping sum of N3.5 billion to build an ultra-modernentrepreneurship Centre in honor of late chief Wahab IyandaFolawiyo OFR, con was on Tuesday donated to Yaba College of Technology by the renown developmentalist, Chief Tunde Fanimokun.

The legacy project had its ground breaking in the main campus of Nigeria’s first tertiary institution in commemoration of the donor’s eightieth (80th) birthday celebration, the date he was employed as executive director project by late chief WahabFolawiyo and also coincided with the birthday of his daughter.

The four-story building which is to be called FolawiyoEntrepreneurship Centre (FEC) comprises four (4) lecture theatre with seating capacities of three hundred and twenty (320) each, one (1) lecture theatre with seating capacities of five hundred (500), nineteen classrooms, offices for staff, numerous spaces for vocational activities and car parks.

At the ground breaking ceremony, Chief Tunde Fanimokun in his address said; “today’s commemorative event is specifically in honour of, Alhaji Chief (Dr.) W. I. Folawiyo OFR, CON, the founding father of Yinka Folawiyo Conglomerate.  

Exactly forty Years ago in 1985, he initiated me formally into the twin subjects of entrepreneurship and philanthropy, I joined his business empire on a platter of gold exactly on April 9, 1985 as an Executive Director (Projects).  Ever since I have become a staunch advocate of entrepreneurship as most vital pillar for sustainable development and everlasting prosperity in Nigeria”.

He added, “I became greatly interested in this most vital subject-matter after my transition without any plan from the Lagos State Government Public Service at age forty (40) in 1985  and  since then, I have become a strong advocate for the propagation and promotion of entrepreneurship at all levels, most especially, the young generations.  Before then, I learnt only informally about the subject matter under the first executive governor of Lagos State, Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande”.

Chief Fanimokun said that diversification is the only remaining turning point for the Nigerian economy instead of excessive dependence of revenue from oil and gas as a mono-cultural economy, over dependence on importation as well as stagflation, youth unemployment, criminal neglect of agricultural production and conspicuous absence of visionary leadership with lack of development.  

The rector, Yaba College of Technology, Dr. Engr IbraheemAbdul, in his address, said he was filled with immense pride and optimism for the future of education in Nigeria as the ceremony marks a groundbreaking moment in Yaba College of Technology’s history, the beginning of a new and exciting chapter.

Dr Abdul added that the proposed Folawiyo Entrepreneurship Center will be more than just an academic building but a vibrant hub symbolizing the college commitment to excellence,  progress, and nurturing future generations of successful entrepreneurs who will contribute to the nation’s development.

The son of the late chief Wahab Iyanda Folawiyo, Barister‘Tunde Folawiyo was full of gratitude to chief Fanimokun’saccomplishments and desire to honour his late father.

He said chief Fanimokun contributed immensely to the great height of success of the Folawiyos’ dynasty and he is a man that is always focused in achieving his set goals, stating that the family was not informed of this magnitude stride of honouringhis father.

Barrister Folawiyo eulogized chief Fanimokun and expressed the family gratitude to him.