Reinventing Yabatech: A Chronicle Of Engr. Obafemi Omokungbe’s Two Years Of Stewardship And Service Delivery

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Reinventing Yabatech: A Chronicle Of Engr. Obafemi Omokungbe’s Two Years Of Stewardship And Service Delivery

Two years ago, precisely March 6, 2018, Engr. Obafemi Owoseni Omokungbe, a Chief Lecture in the Department of Civil Engineering was appointed and announced as Rector of Yaba College of Technology by the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the recommendation of the Honourable Minister of Education.
Prior to the date, the Governing Council led by the respected Prince Lateef Fagbemi, SAN had set up the necessary machinery for a hitch-free and smooth evaluation process. This process eventually led to the appointment of Engr. Omokungbe who scored highest and came head and shoulder above other candidates.
His Vision for the College
Engr. Omokungbe during his presentation to the College community said he will apply his leadership skills to transform Yaba College of Technology as the ultimate tertiary institution of first choice and a center of academic and technical excellence in Africa.

Strategies of Achieving this Vision
The strategies set out to achieving this vision include:
1. Academic improvement and development.
2. Infrastructural development and upgrading/refurbishment of existing structures.
3. Welfare of staff.
4. Expansion/improvement of internally generated revenue (IGR) base of the College.
In the last two years, management has worked steadily and judiciously in line with these strategies and scored very high in all spheres.

Academic Improvement and Development
Management has consolidated on existing programmes and put structures in place for the expansion in line with the needs of the country. From 2018 to date, the following developments have taken place:
• Digitalization of the library with modern e-learning facilities.
• Resource inspection, accreditation and verification of all programs by NBTE, the first of its kind in the last 7 years.
• Opening up of Epe campus with the relocation of the School of Technical Education (STE).
• Stable academic calendar.
• Moving the College from 8th to 2nd position in the webometric ranking.
• New frontiers created for effective College collaboration to ensure the relevance of the College in the community and nation at large.
• Creating strong linkages with the industries to determine real skills competences and level of requirement for both staff and students.
• Strengthen academic and administrative activities and make them IT - driven to keep abreast with current trends, techniques and development in the world.
• Revitalization of the Centre for Continuous Studies (CCS) and Part time programmes.

Infrastructural Development and Upgrading / Refurbishment of Existing Structures.
The last two years have witnessed massive infrastructural development, renovation and upgrading of infrastructures.
• Halls of residence have undergone massive facelift, renovation and upgrading.
• Administrative Block, Schools of Science, Engineering and Environmental Studies have been upgraded and rehabilitated.
• Rehabilitation of the College road network/drainage.
• Building of new gate house and perimeter fences for Epe campus.
• Abandoned projects in Epe campus are now been completed and put into use.
• A new School of Management and Business Studies/lecture theatre is under construction.
• Construction of comfort centre for staff and students.

Welfare of staff and students
• Resuscitation of Bus shuttle to convey staff/student from their homes to the office/schools and back.
• Stockpiling of the medical centre with drugs and medications.
• A new and ultra modern diagnostic centre with modern x-ray machine and tools to cater for staff and students.
• Staff are now promoted as at when due.
• The issue of security is now taken very seriously. Management has established good working relationship with the police and DSS.
• Purchase of 3000 brand new mattresses for students’ use.
• Renovation and rehabilitation of the students’ cafeteria.
• Demolition of illegal structures scattered across the student food village.

Expansion of Internally Generated Revenue Base
The last two years have been very eventful as Management has remained focused on the single goal of boasting the revenue base of the College through the establishment and construction of the following:
- College bakery.
- Water factory.
- Central Research Laboratory CBT Centre
- PTDF CBT Centre.
- Constitution of the Board of Trustees for the Endowment Fund launch scheduled for May, 2020.
- Revitalization of the Central Research Laboratory for optimum productivity.

The last two years of Engr. Obafemi Omokungbe as Rector is nothing but progress and development. He has remained focused on the task of re-inventing Yabatech as an institution of choice in Nigeria. It is hoped that the next three years of his tenure will lead to further consolidation and transformation of the college as a world class institution of repute.