Big Naija Independence Contest

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Big Naija Independence Contest

How to Participate

Students can participate in the Big Naija Independence contest by writing the essay on one of three categories:

Big Naija Independence: Your personal contribution

A true story on how you personally help your country to grow. It can be on your education, achievements or any other deeds that, in your opinion, help to improve the lives of Nigerian citizens, the atmosphere in your community or country in general. 

Big Naija Independence: Lessons learned since 1960

An article on an event that had a major impact in the social, economic, cultural or any other important spheres in Nigerian society. You can consider both positive and negative aspects of it, but make sure it is related to present times. Try using a retrospective approach for showing how it can help in perspective

Big Naija Independence: Role of women 

As the role of women has been underestimated for quite long, it is time to uncover how women helped to build independence in Nigeria during these 60 years. Give an example of women’s achievements and their unique influence on Big Naija Independence. 



Applicants can submit their essays on or before the 21st of November on the official contest website.


The essay must be 400-1000 words in length, contain a main heading and several subheadings and comply with the contest rules. Each individual can submit maximum of 1 essay. Only currently enrolled university students can participate in the Contest. Check competition details to find out more on the website https://www.specials.legit.ng/students-contest.


Who are the judges:

The essays will be evaluated by a professional jury. The team of judges includes Legit.ng’s Managing Director Goke Olaegbe and experienced journalists Akinyemi Akinrujomu, Eromosele Ebhomele, Nomso Obiajuru, Sola Sanusi.