Nabteb Inspects Yabatech Workplaces Training Centres

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Nabteb Inspects Yabatech Workplaces Training Centres

The National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB) recently inspects several workplaces in computer village Ikeja, that will serve as Yabatech Training Centre for mobile phones and computer hardware repairs and maintenance under the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF).

The upgrading and inspection of the workplace centers is sponsored by Yabatech in collaboration with commonwealth of learning (COL) and computer and Telecommunication Engineers Association of Nigeria (COMTEAN) as part of the Skills in demand (SID) Project towards formalizing informal apprenticeship in the country.

The skills – in – Demand Project, an initiative of COL, and co-funded by Yabatech, COL and COMTEAN is motivated by the need to: Improve quality of skills training in ICT sector and make it accessible to people especially the youths. Provide the youth with employment relevant and entrepreneurial skills in the sector. Refrain the youth to fit into a constantly changing work environment in the sector.

Through the SID project, Yabatech will work with industry partners in the ICT sector to implement workplace and community based skills training programme that leverage Open Distance Learning and Technology to increase access, ensure competency and meet skills needs of industry and communities.

The initial target is to produce 46,780 competent and field-ready master craftsmen in both skills areas nationwide by 2023.

The project will reduce unemployment of youths in the country, improve earnings of skilled workmen and make than more educationally mobile and empowered. It will also contribute towards improved service delivery in the repairs and maintenance sector of the ICT industry in Nigeria.