Student Welfarism: Yabatech, N.h.i.s, Discuss Affordable Health Scheme

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Student Welfarism: Yabatech, N.h.i.s, Discuss Affordable Health Scheme

Healthy living is a major ingredient in the existence of mankind, not only does it suffix humanity but a booster for productivity. It is in lieu of this, the Management, Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech) have met with National Health Insurance Scheme, (N. H.I.S,) and Health Management Officers (HMO) to discuss affordable N2, 000 health scheme for her students.

N. H.I.S is a social scheme intended to provide quality and affordable health service to Yabatech students.
According to the General Manager of the scheme, Mr. Femi Akingbade, the scheme will provides access to healthcare services, quality and equity of service. “All students must have access to healthcare. Students will be on the Tertiary Institution Social health Insurance programme so that while on holiday, any ill students can receive treatment from any registered NHIS hospitals across the country”.

“To ensure parents do not go broke while pursuing healthcare, NHIS wants to partner with Yabatech to sensitize the students on the national scheme and that the scheme is not cheap nor for inferiority purpose but to provide equal access to healthcare for all”, he added.

The meeting which had in attendance HMOS representatives from Marina medical Service, International Health Management Service and Mediplan Healthcare also noted that all institutions should participate in the TSHIP programme and not to burden parents on healthcare.
One of the HMOs, Dr. Chidi Ukandu also explained that the scheme cost N2000 per student advising the deduction during the registration for a new session. “Every student will have a unique identification code which is tenderable at any registered NHIS hospitals and that upon graduation, the code becomes disabled. This scheme covers accidents, surgery and cancer chemotherapy treatment as well as other illnesses’, he added.

In his words, Yabatech Rector, Engr. Obafemi Omokungbe pledged the college support of all students for the programme, noting that previous recommendations by the body on upgrading of medical centre equipment, TSHIP awareness programme and improvement on all other deficient areas are on-going.