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The Rector of the foremost institution in Nigeria Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), Dr. Engr. Ibraheem Adedotun Abdul recently received award of recognition from Academic Excellence Initiative (AEI) for his outstanding contribution and dedication towards the growth of education in Nigeria.

The Executive Director of AEI, Engr. Faheed Olajide said that the Rector has been a great asset to the education in Nigeria, his invaluable input to the education in Nigeria cannot be underestimated.

The rector, who delivered the keynote address at the organization 2023 AWARD Scholar’s Day organized by AEI spoke extensively on the theme: “Rekindling the Educational System in Nigeria”.

In his response at the presentation of the Award, Dr. Abdul applauded the management of AEI for the award, and expressed the College partnership with the body as its programmes will complement the focus of the College aspirations and plans for the students.

AIE programmes and initiatives, the rector explained, would serve as a platform that the students can explore to add value and develop themselves which the college has embraced.

According to him” YABATECH usually support clubs or association that are meant for the positive development of the students, and that is what you are engage in. We should create an environment in where students can learn and their being touched positively for their betterment in future. We reiterated this in our Matriculation speech that students are not in school only to pass but for their lives to developed, therefore they should express themselves, take advantage of the facilities in the College to be able to build their lives beyond the College”.

He hinted that academics activities should be promoted in the institution of learning to distract the attentions of student from social vices.

“YABATECH just released a newsflash to discourage students from participating in anti-social behaviour and the Management will not take it lightly with any students caught culpable. We should have a cane to discipline those involved in social vices, and should have a carrot to encourage those that do not do so”.