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The Rector of Yaba College of Technology, Dr. Abdul Adedotun Ibraheem has declared staff welfare as his utmost priority and he would do everything within his capacity to ensure that is highly uplifted.

The Rector made the declaration at the Town Hall Meeting with the College's staff. The Rector also used the occasion to intimate the Staff of the institution about the plans of the new management on the betterment of both staff and students of the College.

Declaring a new era of friendship to the admiration of the staff, Dr. Abdul said his ERECT agenda would cultivate, entrench and sustain a progressive relationship among the various critical stakeholders. He said he believed his ERECT agenda, when fully implemented, would result in the growth and tremendous development of the College.

Abdul noted that the transformation target of his administration is for YABATECH to be number one tertiary institution in Nigeria and a global ranking of 3,000 before leaving office. The college is currently 8391 according to 2022 rating.

Dr. Abdul said he envisioned a global brand of the College with an effective education organization management system (EOMS); a culture for continuous improvement; a commitment to effective quality management practices; a strong appetite for excellence and Innovation and personalized learning and effective response to all learners, including those with special education needs.

The Rector added that in his agenda, he aims to sponsor at least a staff for one international conference in a month; establish Ph.D support grant s and mentoring platform; create an enabling environment for teaching and research and provide well-equipped facilities for teaching, research and administration.

 He added that he would build staff capacity in new and emerging areas; create and promote special projects on staff development and improve the administrative skills of staff and maximize their productivity through staff training and retraining. He added that he would create and promote special projects on leadership mentoring; establish a leadership mentoring platform for staff and create and promote special projects for staff internal mobility.

The Rector promised that his administration would institutionalize annual awards and prizes for staff with exceptional performance and give at least N10M monthly as special and interest free loans to staff. He said he aimed to create additional means of earnings for staff through royalties on online courses and returns on other investments. He added that he would organize regular consultative sessions with all stakeholders to ensure that problems and obstacles are handled before they escalate into preventable catastrophes. He said he would build at least 5 new buildings in Yaba and Epe for staff quarters. He guaranteed the staff of prompt promotion and staff conversion.

The Rector used the occasion of the Town Hall Meeting to enumerate his achievements in less than 3 month of his assumption of office. He listed this to include formation of grievances and complaint s resolution committee; formation of staff welfare committee; payment of part-time staff administrative allowance; payment of part-time outstanding; inauguration of centres that included Linkages, Partnership and International Relations, Human Resources Development and Information , Communication and Public Relations.