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In a bid to address the persistent electricity issues plaguing Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech), the Rector, Dr. Engr Ibraheem Adedotun Abdul, established an Energy Research Group to revolutionize the institution's energy infrastructure.

The research group is also aimed at promoting sustainability and efficiency of evolved solutions which are to be propagated in solving electricity challenges in the country. while addressing power challenges on campus and beyond.

The rector, while speaking during the inauguration ceremony of the Group, emphasized the need for innovative approaches to tackle energy challenges at Yaba College of Technology.

He highlighted the importance of leveraging available resources and transforming difficulties into opportunities,  with a long-term vision of establishing a permanent energy resource center.

The team, Dr. Abdul, disclosed endeavors to pave the way for a brighter energy future for the institution and the nation at large.

He stated that the Energy Research Group comprises of experts from various fields of engineering, science and finance with diverse expertise crucial in developing and implementing effective solutions to the energy crisis inhibiting researches and academic activities of the college.

The Research Group's mandate, according to the Rector revolves, conducting a comprehensive assessment of current energy consumption patterns of the college, exploring renewable energy technologies suitable for the local context, developing a strategic plan for transitioning to a sustainable energy system, advocating for energy efficiency measures, and collaborating with stakeholders to share knowledge and best practices.

Dr. Abdul urged the members to approach their task with dedication, creativity, and a collaborative spirit.

He emphasized the importance of active engagement from Schools, Staff, and Students, encouraging them to share their ideas, concerns, and expertise towards accomplishing the assignments before it with all inclusiveness.

“The establishment of the Energy Research Group, marks the beginning of a new era for the College, an era of energy sustainability, innovation, and progress. With a commitment to exceed expectations and swiftly implement technology solutions, this committee is poised to address power challenges, promote energy efficiency, and reduce waste, ultimately creating a brighter future for the institution, community and nation at large”

Responding on behalf of the Group, the Chairman, Dr. Engr. S.I. Oloketuyi, pledged to embark on immediate action to address the institution’s energy challenges.

He assured the college management that the team is committed to delivering comprehensive solutions, encompassing short-term, medium-term, and long-term strategies to tackle the electricity challenges.

Dr. Oloketuyi emphasized that the Group will delve into various forms of renewable energy and exploring diverse options beyond conventional sources, such as solar, wind, and biomass and other forms of alternative energy at ensuring the provision of a sustainable and resilient energy future for seventy-six years old institution.